Choosing a Host and a Site Builder

Choosing a Host and a Site Builder

Host, Site Builder and Which Online Business to Open? | BYU-I B 250 – Lesson 04

This week was the most challenging week to me so far, not because of the content, but because I became very ill. I spent most of the past 3 days in bed with a fever going up and down. I am taking medication and I believe I am starting to get better, but I am far from being fully recovered. It was an extra challenge, and I am glad I am able to finish the week with my tasks properly completed.

I am still a little said that I am not confident with my choice of business. I completed the Project 1 Spreadsheet and, based on that, my best alternative is a drop shipping website. On my top 5 alternatives, 4 of them were drop shipping ideas, the best of them is a website for Children’s Cellphones. The idea is to sell very cheap cellphones to parents, so they can easily communicate with their youngsters. The idea sounds very good indeed. All the data supports it: the demand is good, the competition is perfect, the suppliers have many options, etc. My only problem and doubt is whether this model of business really works in Brazil. We have a huge problem with the customs in Brazil, and because of that, products can take up to 60 days to get from China to my clients here. That might be a problem.

Maybe some of the clients can be comprehensive with that and purchase the product anyway, but I would have to test to make sure that it works. I need to make it very clear how long it might take for the product to be delivered though.

About the rest of the tasks, the decisions were basically already made.

I already own a Hostgator reseller account, which is a hosting account that I use to sell hosting to other people. I can have as many individual cPanels/accounst as I need. So, it wouldn’t make any sense to me to spend extra money in another host.


And about the site builder, I am already familiar and very used to I own a subscription for a Premium Theme company called Elegant Themes, they have a very functional theme called Divi, which works buildings websites with modules, almost a drag and drop platform. I will use this theme to build my site.

My only concern is about integrating PayPal, or other kind of charging service, with the platform. But I already research and they have support for PayPal and many other Brazilians Services too.

I am confident and excited with going forward with the business. I hope I succeed.

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