ROI, Conversion Track and Optimizing Ad

ROI, Conversion Track and Optimizing Ad

Return on Investment and Optimization | BYU-I B 250 – Lesson 10

This was one of my favorite weeks so far. I am very excited with all the learning I am having with Google Adwords. I am certainly I can apply the tips, and trick I’ve been learning here on my other business ventures too.

Return on Investment is certainly one of the most important aspects of any business. If we’re not able to measure our profit, it’s impossible to now how much we can invest, or even if the business is worth continuing.

In our case, we were challenged to calculate how much we’re profiting compared to the amount invested on Google AdWords.

I am actually very impressed with the impressions, and even clicks that I am receiving from my ads. They numbers are positive there. I am even more impressed with the average Cost per Click, which is currently only R$ 0.21. That’s is very low. On my English School ads, I pay almos R$ 10.00 per click, over 25 times more. I am emphasizing that because I believe that my ad is quite good the way it is already. My problem lies somewhere else.

With more than 200 clicks received already, I still don’t have a single sale. Nobody bought my products. I want to improve my landing page, and the website a little, but I know exactly where the problem is. The shipping period. When a person buys one of my products, since I’ve chosen drop shipping and I don’t have any stock, the shipping period can take up to 60 days. No one wants to buy a product and wait for 60 days to receive that product, so I believe I will not have any sales at all, unless I decided to change the business model, and start having stock of the products I sell.

I am considering this possibility, but that would require some investment. The problem is that I don’t have any money to invest, and I also think that it’s too risky, considering that customers might not buy the products anyway.

I am thinking very hard on that. I hope I can figure this out soon.

AdWords Relevance and Quality Score

AdWords Relevance and Quality Score

Evaluation Google AdWord’s Relevance and Quality Score | BYU-I B 250 – Lesson 08

I started the week very disappointed because I realized that I wasn’t going to be able to invest the US$ 30.00 at AdWord that the course required us to invest. My financial life is very tight, and US$ 30.00 would mean about R$ 120.00, which is a lot of money for me at the moment. I even talked to my instructor about the subject, and explained the situation to him. I was really sad and frustrated because I wouldn’t get the experience, neither the grades for the course because of that.

Despite all of that, I continued doing everything else that the course required me to do. I even linked the Google AdWords account with my Google Analytics one, which only works if I have a campaign running. The week continued running and I decided to try contacting Google, to see if there would be another option. I was able to receive a R$ 150.00 coupon if I spent R$ 50.00, with that I was able to have R$ 200.00 to spend at Google AdWords, which would give me enough experience and information for the course’s purpose.

That made me very happy, I really didn’t like the idea of completing the semester without the full experience of the course. I am glad that the Lord provided a way for me to receive this coupon. I know that he is watching over my family and I.

Now, about the experience with the campaign so far. I am very happy that I already got over 50 clicks, in only two days on my ads. But I also noticed that I didn’t have any conversion. Nobody bought any products. I am worried with the shipping time, since I am using drop shipping, I don’t have much control over the time it takes for the products to be shipped, and it takes up to 60 days for the shipping to be completed. I believe I will have some difficulties at making people buy my products. I truly believe that if the shipping was fast, I would sell some products. I am thinking about going after some investment to create a small stock for the products, but that would take some time.

It’s something for me think about and to plan on.

Maybe there is a brighter future for this project than what I firts thought.

Let’s hope, and work hard.

Google AdWords Ads and AdGroups

Google AdWords Ads and AdGroups

Creating the Google AdWords Campaign Itself | BYU-I B 250 – Lesson 08

This was the lightest week since the beginning of the semester. We only had one discussion board and one group of activities to do. It was very specific and practical as always, but since it was only one, it demanded much less time from our week.

We were challenged to learn about techniques to create and ad at Google AdWords. There are many rules and tips related to that. Because we have a limit of words to use, we need to think carefully about how we use the words.

My favorite tips on the subject were:

  • Use words that your client might type in their search – very similar to choosing the keywords, it’s very important to put ourselves in our client’s shoes when choosing the right words for the ad. On the tips at Google AdWord’s website, they tell us that clients tend to click on our ad when they have the phrases or words that they typed in their search.
  • To create a call to action – I thought it was very interesting how the tips on Google AdWord’s own website, taught us the importance of creating an effective call to action in the add. Something like “Buy it now”, or “Order it now”, etc. Calls to action are very important in websites too. They are extremely important in these ads, since they are short, and people give a very small time of their attention to it.

I tried to apply these two tips in my ads. I created two of them.

I also decided to put a starting price of my products in the ad. I think it can be helpful, since I have a very low starting point. It can become very attractive for potential clients, especially because the main idea of my products is to be simple and cheap.

I hope the campaign can be very successful.

AdWords Campaign and Improving My Word List

AdWords Campaign and Improving My Word List

Setting the Google AdWords Campaign | BYU-I B 250 – Lesson 07

This was certainly not the first time I created a Google AdWords campaign, but I am certain the it’s going to be the best one so far. I need to say that this was probably my favorite week in the course so far. I really liked the links and the tips that we learned about creating a google AdWords Campaign.

We were directed to some Google AdWords Support pages, where they gave us tips on creating the campaign, and especially on choosing the right keywords for our campaign.

My favorite part about these pages was this video:

The 5 tips in it are amazing. I can’t believe how I could have created campaigns before without these tips.

One of the things that I liked is about putting yourself in your customers place, when it comes to making a google search. We need to try and think what a future client my type when searching online. We need to be specific enough in order not to bring the wrong people to the page.

In my specific case, since I am selling cheap and simple cellphones for parents to give their small kids, for their communication while the kids are away, I need to be careful not to bring people who are searching for smartphones, for example. They will certainly not buy my products but their click would cost me anyway.

I also liked the tip of creating some negative keywords. I made a list of 20 keywords that I am going to use, and 4 negative keywords that I don’t want to waste my money one. It’s very interesting to realize that most of my keywords are phrases, because I need to be very specific. I will most probably not have too much traffic on my website, but I hope the traffic I receive will be better qualified. Potential clients indeed.

I really need to come back to these tips whenever I need to create Google AdWords Campaigns.