AdWords Campaign and Improving My Word List

AdWords Campaign and Improving My Word List

Setting the Google AdWords Campaign | BYU-I B 250 – Lesson 07

This was certainly not the first time I created a Google AdWords campaign, but I am certain the it’s going to be the best one so far. I need to say that this was probably my favorite week in the course so far. I really liked the links and the tips that we learned about creating a google AdWords Campaign.

We were directed to some Google AdWords Support pages, where they gave us tips on creating the campaign, and especially on choosing the right keywords for our campaign.

My favorite part about these pages was this video:

The 5 tips in it are amazing. I can’t believe how I could have created campaigns before without these tips.

One of the things that I liked is about putting yourself in your customers place, when it comes to making a google search. We need to try and think what a future client my type when searching online. We need to be specific enough in order not to bring the wrong people to the page.

In my specific case, since I am selling cheap and simple cellphones for parents to give their small kids, for their communication while the kids are away, I need to be careful not to bring people who are searching for smartphones, for example. They will certainly not buy my products but their click would cost me anyway.

I also liked the tip of creating some negative keywords. I made a list of 20 keywords that I am going to use, and 4 negative keywords that I don’t want to waste my money one. It’s very interesting to realize that most of my keywords are phrases, because I need to be very specific. I will most probably not have too much traffic on my website, but I hope the traffic I receive will be better qualified. Potential clients indeed.

I really need to come back to these tips whenever I need to create Google AdWords Campaigns.

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