Google AdWords Ads and AdGroups

Google AdWords Ads and AdGroups

Creating the Google AdWords Campaign Itself | BYU-I B 250 – Lesson 08

This was the lightest week since the beginning of the semester. We only had one discussion board and one group of activities to do. It was very specific and practical as always, but since it was only one, it demanded much less time from our week.

We were challenged to learn about techniques to create and ad at Google AdWords. There are many rules and tips related to that. Because we have a limit of words to use, we need to think carefully about how we use the words.

My favorite tips on the subject were:

  • Use words that your client might type in their search – very similar to choosing the keywords, it’s very important to put ourselves in our client’s shoes when choosing the right words for the ad. On the tips at Google AdWord’s website, they tell us that clients tend to click on our ad when they have the phrases or words that they typed in their search.
  • To create a call to action – I thought it was very interesting how the tips on Google AdWord’s own website, taught us the importance of creating an effective call to action in the add. Something like “Buy it now”, or “Order it now”, etc. Calls to action are very important in websites too. They are extremely important in these ads, since they are short, and people give a very small time of their attention to it.

I tried to apply these two tips in my ads. I created two of them.

I also decided to put a starting price of my products in the ad. I think it can be helpful, since I have a very low starting point. It can become very attractive for potential clients, especially because the main idea of my products is to be simple and cheap.

I hope the campaign can be very successful.

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