AdWords Relevance and Quality Score

AdWords Relevance and Quality Score

Evaluation Google AdWord’s Relevance and Quality Score | BYU-I B 250 – Lesson 08

I started the week very disappointed because I realized that I wasn’t going to be able to invest the US$ 30.00 at AdWord that the course required us to invest. My financial life is very tight, and US$ 30.00 would mean about R$ 120.00, which is a lot of money for me at the moment. I even talked to my instructor about the subject, and explained the situation to him. I was really sad and frustrated because I wouldn’t get the experience, neither the grades for the course because of that.

Despite all of that, I continued doing everything else that the course required me to do. I even linked the Google AdWords account with my Google Analytics one, which only works if I have a campaign running. The week continued running and I decided to try contacting Google, to see if there would be another option. I was able to receive a R$ 150.00 coupon if I spent R$ 50.00, with that I was able to have R$ 200.00 to spend at Google AdWords, which would give me enough experience and information for the course’s purpose.

That made me very happy, I really didn’t like the idea of completing the semester without the full experience of the course. I am glad that the Lord provided a way for me to receive this coupon. I know that he is watching over my family and I.

Now, about the experience with the campaign so far. I am very happy that I already got over 50 clicks, in only two days on my ads. But I also noticed that I didn’t have any conversion. Nobody bought any products. I am worried with the shipping time, since I am using drop shipping, I don’t have much control over the time it takes for the products to be shipped, and it takes up to 60 days for the shipping to be completed. I believe I will have some difficulties at making people buy my products. I truly believe that if the shipping was fast, I would sell some products. I am thinking about going after some investment to create a small stock for the products, but that would take some time.

It’s something for me think about and to plan on.

Maybe there is a brighter future for this project than what I firts thought.

Let’s hope, and work hard.

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