Ranking and Link Building

Ranking and Link Building

I need to confess one thing. I am tired.

This course demanded a lot from me the whole time, and now I feel very tired already. I am glad vacation is coming and I will be able to refill my energies.

The content of the week was also tiresome. I don’t like working with SEO not a bit. I feel it is very boring and we can not see if all the efforts are rewarding or not, at least not on the short run.

Anyway, since we didn’t work only with SEO and ranking, the week wasn’t so difficult. We also learned some more about Google Analytics this week, and this part feels a little more interesting to me. I think that learning about what kind of people is vising my site, what they do there, for how long, etc, is very important when it comes to improving the content and the site organization.

I know I still need to learn a lot about Google Analytics, but I am glad I am getting a little more confortable with the site and it’s tools. I can read it a little better already, and that’s a good start.

Social Media for SEO and Social Networking

Social Media for SEO and Social Networking

Planning our Social Media strategies | BYU-I B 250 – Lesson 12

I need to say that this is not my favorite subject. I am a member of many social network platforms, but I am not an active one. I rarely post anything online. It’s just a matter of personality, I am very shy and reserved on those matters.

Maybe because of that, I have never succeeded with my Social Media strategies for my businesses. I have always created at least 3 or 4 Social Media channels/profiles for them, but I have never been able to feed them with content.

My main business now is a small private English School, I have my secretary post some content every now and then, but even there I can’t make it very constant. Since I don’t create the content, I can’t really order her to do it either, because that’s not exactly something that she was hired to do.

I am saying all of this because I am really worried with the idea of creating new Social Media channels for this new business. As I mentioned before, I have 3 other business running aside, and I am not giving proper attention for any of them. Their Social Media channels are literally abandoned, so I have no motivation at all of creating new channels.

Nevertheless, I created the plans that the course required us to. I made some research on potential customers, which in my case would be mostly moms on their thirties. Moms with kids from 6 to 12 years-old mostly. These moms are on Facebook, and they would be interested in content, well written instructional posts, not only fancy, cute pictures.

I will give it a thought about creating these new channels for Celular Infantil. Meanwhile, I will try to apply the knowledge from this lesson on my English School: http://kingdomforquilhinhas.com.br/ and my Drone Filming company: http://aguiavideos.com.br/

I hope I can find some success there.


Landing Page Optimization and SEO

Landing Page Optimization and SEO

Improving my landing page and working with SEO | BYU-I B 250 – Lesson 11

Since the week I launched my website there were some things that were bugging me about the look and quality of the site itself. I new my landing page was too simple. I only had a carousel, with 3 offers and the shop itself, with the 8 products I have available.

Since my products are not very ordinary – they are actually very far from the common trend: simple phones, in opposition to the big smartphones wave that we have in the market – I knew I need some explanation and persuasion on my landing page. I needed to at least try to convince my visitors the reason why they should buy a simple phone for their kids: safety.

But because life is too busy, and we always had other focuses along the last lessons, I never had the proper time to work on my landing page. I also know I need to work on my products description and the whole SEO of the site. So this week was a great start for all of this.

I already created a segment on my landing page to argument on the reason to buy a simple phone for kids. I used some images of the cellphones, but I am thinking about finding at least one image of a child for part of the explanation.

I also already installed Yoast SEO, a plugin that works very well for WordPress. I am using it to improve my SEO, especially on the landing page, but for the rest of the site too.

Summarizing, this was another great week. I think my website has already improved a lot. I still need to work on loading time though.