Landing Page Optimization and SEO

Landing Page Optimization and SEO

Improving my landing page and working with SEO | BYU-I B 250 – Lesson 11

Since the week I launched my website there were some things that were bugging me about the look and quality of the site itself. I new my landing page was too simple. I only had a carousel, with 3 offers and the shop itself, with the 8 products I have available.

Since my products are not very ordinary – they are actually very far from the common trend: simple phones, in opposition to the big smartphones wave that we have in the market – I knew I need some explanation and persuasion on my landing page. I needed to at least try to convince my visitors the reason why they should buy a simple phone for their kids: safety.

But because life is too busy, and we always had other focuses along the last lessons, I never had the proper time to work on my landing page. I also know I need to work on my products description and the whole SEO of the site. So this week was a great start for all of this.

I already created a segment on my landing page to argument on the reason to buy a simple phone for kids. I used some images of the cellphones, but I am thinking about finding at least one image of a child for part of the explanation.

I also already installed Yoast SEO, a plugin that works very well for WordPress. I am using it to improve my SEO, especially on the landing page, but for the rest of the site too.

Summarizing, this was another great week. I think my website has already improved a lot. I still need to work on loading time though.



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