Social Media for SEO and Social Networking

Social Media for SEO and Social Networking

Planning our Social Media strategies | BYU-I B 250 – Lesson 12

I need to say that this is not my favorite subject. I am a member of many social network platforms, but I am not an active one. I rarely post anything online. It’s just a matter of personality, I am very shy and reserved on those matters.

Maybe because of that, I have never succeeded with my Social Media strategies for my businesses. I have always created at least 3 or 4 Social Media channels/profiles for them, but I have never been able to feed them with content.

My main business now is a small private English School, I have my secretary post some content every now and then, but even there I can’t make it very constant. Since I don’t create the content, I can’t really order her to do it either, because that’s not exactly something that she was hired to do.

I am saying all of this because I am really worried with the idea of creating new Social Media channels for this new business. As I mentioned before, I have 3 other business running aside, and I am not giving proper attention for any of them. Their Social Media channels are literally abandoned, so I have no motivation at all of creating new channels.

Nevertheless, I created the plans that the course required us to. I made some research on potential customers, which in my case would be mostly moms on their thirties. Moms with kids from 6 to 12 years-old mostly. These moms are on Facebook, and they would be interested in content, well written instructional posts, not only fancy, cute pictures.

I will give it a thought about creating these new channels for Celular Infantil. Meanwhile, I will try to apply the knowledge from this lesson on my English School: and my Drone Filming company:

I hope I can find some success there.