Ranking and Link Building

Ranking and Link Building

I need to confess one thing. I am tired.

This course demanded a lot from me the whole time, and now I feel very tired already. I am glad vacation is coming and I will be able to refill my energies.

The content of the week was also tiresome. I don’t like working with SEO not a bit. I feel it is very boring and we can not see if all the efforts are rewarding or not, at least not on the short run.

Anyway, since we didn’t work only with SEO and ranking, the week wasn’t so difficult. We also learned some more about Google Analytics this week, and this part feels a little more interesting to me. I think that learning about what kind of people is vising my site, what they do there, for how long, etc, is very important when it comes to improving the content and the site organization.

I know I still need to learn a lot about Google Analytics, but I am glad I am getting a little more confortable with the site and it’s tools. I can read it a little better already, and that’s a good start.