Google AdWords Ads and AdGroups

Google AdWords Ads and AdGroups

Creating the Google AdWords Campaign Itself | BYU-I B 250 – Lesson 08

This was the lightest week since the beginning of the semester. We only had one discussion board and one group of activities to do. It was very specific and practical as always, but since it was only one, it demanded much less time from our week.

We were challenged to learn about techniques to create and ad at Google AdWords. There are many rules and tips related to that. Because we have a limit of words to use, we need to think carefully about how we use the words.

My favorite tips on the subject were:

  • Use words that your client might type in their search – very similar to choosing the keywords, it’s very important to put ourselves in our client’s shoes when choosing the right words for the ad. On the tips at Google AdWord’s website, they tell us that clients tend to click on our ad when they have the phrases or words that they typed in their search.
  • To create a call to action – I thought it was very interesting how the tips on Google AdWord’s own website, taught us the importance of creating an effective call to action in the add. Something like “Buy it now”, or “Order it now”, etc. Calls to action are very important in websites too. They are extremely important in these ads, since they are short, and people give a very small time of their attention to it.

I tried to apply these two tips in my ads. I created two of them.

I also decided to put a starting price of my products in the ad. I think it can be helpful, since I have a very low starting point. It can become very attractive for potential clients, especially because the main idea of my products is to be simple and cheap.

I hope the campaign can be very successful.

AdWords Campaign and Improving My Word List

AdWords Campaign and Improving My Word List

Setting the Google AdWords Campaign | BYU-I B 250 – Lesson 07

This was certainly not the first time I created a Google AdWords campaign, but I am certain the it’s going to be the best one so far. I need to say that this was probably my favorite week in the course so far. I really liked the links and the tips that we learned about creating a google AdWords Campaign.

We were directed to some Google AdWords Support pages, where they gave us tips on creating the campaign, and especially on choosing the right keywords for our campaign.

My favorite part about these pages was this video:

The 5 tips in it are amazing. I can’t believe how I could have created campaigns before without these tips.

One of the things that I liked is about putting yourself in your customers place, when it comes to making a google search. We need to try and think what a future client my type when searching online. We need to be specific enough in order not to bring the wrong people to the page.

In my specific case, since I am selling cheap and simple cellphones for parents to give their small kids, for their communication while the kids are away, I need to be careful not to bring people who are searching for smartphones, for example. They will certainly not buy my products but their click would cost me anyway.

I also liked the tip of creating some negative keywords. I made a list of 20 keywords that I am going to use, and 4 negative keywords that I don’t want to waste my money one. It’s very interesting to realize that most of my keywords are phrases, because I need to be very specific. I will most probably not have too much traffic on my website, but I hope the traffic I receive will be better qualified. Potential clients indeed.

I really need to come back to these tips whenever I need to create Google AdWords Campaigns.

Legal Structure & Licenses and Taxes

Legal Structure & Licenses and Taxes

Legalizing the Business and Launching the Website | BYU-I B 250 – Lesson 06

What an exciting week this was. At least the part where we should launch the website.

I say that, because I felt the first part was very tiresome, almost boring. I understand how vital that is though. Every business must be well structure and in order with our government’s laws and requirements. I felt a little out of place again, because my reality is really very different than the reality in the USA, and thus the discussion on the classe’s discussion boards were very far from my reality too.

About deciding on a Legal Structure: I will not be able of formalizing a company for my online store. The taxes, fees and bureaucracy for opening a company (with CNPJ – a company social security number in Brazil) are outrageous. I would need to have at least R$ 1500,00 if I wanted to have a company formalized. It would take longer than the course, for the process to be completed. And I would need to hire an accountant to do the job for. I can’t afford to do it, not for the sake of the course’s purpose.

I will use my own CPF (social security number) for selling in my website then. It’s something very common in Brazil. I will still need to register at the mayor hall for producing invoices for my clients. There are some limitations in this structure. The most relevant is that I will not be allowed to sell more than RS 60.000,00 within a period of 365 days (a year). But I don’t think I would be able to sell that much anyway.

About the taxes I will need to pay, they are very simple and straightforward. I will need to pay 8% of the price of the products to the government. I will also need to pay a fixed fee of R$ 0,40 plus 3.99% of the price of the every product I sell. This will be paid to the Credit Card company service. I chose to use PagSeguro, by the way.

Launching the Website

I loved the philosophy that this course proposed right in the beginning: “ready, shoot, aim”. We are already launching our website, we are shooting before finishing to aim.

I am sure my website is not quite ready yet. For once, I only have 3 products there yet (I will only have about 5 of them anyway). I also want to improve the design and setup some plugins yet. But the website is already functional. A person could literally already go there and purchase a product already.

I was able to setup PagSeguro so my clients can use their credit cards to pay for their purchases.

I am very happy and excited, but I am also a little apprehensive. Although I am not spending too much money, I am spending some money. I really hope I can sell enough to at least pay for the initial investment.

Let’s keep working in order for the website to receive enough interested clients to buy some products.

Choosing a Design and Payment Options

Choosing a Design and Payment Options

Time to find a good Design for my Website| BYU-I B 250 – Lesson 05

We are advancing well in our Online Business Project. This week we already looked at some design ideas and options. We were supposed to find at least two websites that we would use as reference to create our website. I’ve chosen Guriveio ( a website that sells electronics in general, but started selling basically only cellphones. And I’ve also chosen Cissa Magazine ( which is a very similar website to Guriveio. I even found out that both websites are from the same city, a very small city in the country site, here in my state. This was a very interesting coincidence to me.

I will have a small challenge though. The business I’ve decided to pursue is a website that sells Children Cellphone, simple and cheap cellphones for parents to have a good communication with their small kids, when they are away. The idea of having a cheap cellphone is for parents not to worry about them being robbed. I honestly couldn’t find a website that works exclusively with that, so I might be the first one doing so. But the challenge I am going to have is the small number of options, I will probably not have more than 4 or 5 different models of these simple and cheap cellphones. I will need to find a design solution for that. It might look weird an online store with only 4 or 5 products. The store needs to have something different, attractive so people can trust at buying there.

I thought of creating a landing page where people good read about good reasons and ideas why to buy such a cellphone for their kids. This landing page must be attractive and the text needs to be very well developed for that.

Payment Options at the Website

The second task we needed to research upon was credit card payment options for the website. We were challenged to learn a little about PayPal, the most famous payment tool in the USA. But since my business is going to focus on selling and delivering for clients in Brazil, I will need to choose a better option for our reality here.

There are some good options available. Here are some of the option I think are good:

  • Mercado Pago
  • PagSeguro
  • Bcash
  • Moip

All of these options accept credit card and boleto bancário (a very popular form of payment in Brazil). More important, they also allow the clients to purchase the product and pay in up to 12 installments. This is a very important option when selling any kind of product or service in Brazil, and that is an option that PayPal isn’t doing yet.

These 4 services are very similar to each other, but I am torn between Mercado Pago and PagSeguro, I think they are the more popular of them. I still haven’t decided with a 100% of surety, but I guess I am going to use PagSeguro. PagSeguro’s plugin for WordPress has many more users and a better evaluation, so I believe there are more people using PagSeguro than Mercado Pago, at least with WordPress.

I will make some test though, before I decide completely. Let’s hope I decide on the better option.

Choosing a Host and a Site Builder

Choosing a Host and a Site Builder

Host, Site Builder and Which Online Business to Open? | BYU-I B 250 – Lesson 04

This week was the most challenging week to me so far, not because of the content, but because I became very ill. I spent most of the past 3 days in bed with a fever going up and down. I am taking medication and I believe I am starting to get better, but I am far from being fully recovered. It was an extra challenge, and I am glad I am able to finish the week with my tasks properly completed.

I am still a little said that I am not confident with my choice of business. I completed the Project 1 Spreadsheet and, based on that, my best alternative is a drop shipping website. On my top 5 alternatives, 4 of them were drop shipping ideas, the best of them is a website for Children’s Cellphones. The idea is to sell very cheap cellphones to parents, so they can easily communicate with their youngsters. The idea sounds very good indeed. All the data supports it: the demand is good, the competition is perfect, the suppliers have many options, etc. My only problem and doubt is whether this model of business really works in Brazil. We have a huge problem with the customs in Brazil, and because of that, products can take up to 60 days to get from China to my clients here. That might be a problem.

Maybe some of the clients can be comprehensive with that and purchase the product anyway, but I would have to test to make sure that it works. I need to make it very clear how long it might take for the product to be delivered though.

About the rest of the tasks, the decisions were basically already made.

I already own a Hostgator reseller account, which is a hosting account that I use to sell hosting to other people. I can have as many individual cPanels/accounst as I need. So, it wouldn’t make any sense to me to spend extra money in another host.


And about the site builder, I am already familiar and very used to I own a subscription for a Premium Theme company called Elegant Themes, they have a very functional theme called Divi, which works buildings websites with modules, almost a drag and drop platform. I will use this theme to build my site.

My only concern is about integrating PayPal, or other kind of charging service, with the platform. But I already research and they have support for PayPal and many other Brazilians Services too.

I am confident and excited with going forward with the business. I hope I succeed.